We are a brand strategy and innovation consultancy. We help brands find their singular purpose and establish a clear path to growth in a fast-changing, complex world. We work with brands in culture-leading categories: food & beverage, beauty, media & entertainment, fashion, retail, and hospitality.



  • - Consumer Research
  • - Cultural Trend Foresight
  • - Competitive Landscape


  • - Target Identification
  • - Brand Positioning
  • - Portfolio Strategy


  • - Opportunity Identification
  • - Brand Creation
  • - Product & Service Conceptualization

Move brands, move people, move culture.

What gets us up in the morning and what inspires us every day is the chance we have to impact the world around us through brands and products.

Great lifestyle brands have a purpose thatʼs bigger than making products. They help people express their best selves and make their hopes and dreams a reality, and they push culture and society forward. Weʼre proud of the part we play in this by helping companies discover and articulate their purpose.

Analytical rigor, creative intuition, cultural connectedness.

Amy Rogoff Dunn founded Story & Verse in 2017 with a group of like-minded strategists to focus on their passion: building lifestyle brands in culture-leading categories.

Amy has over 15 years of experience in consumer insights, brand strategy, and brand-led innovation across consumer categories. She started her career at McKinsey & Company and earned an MBA from Harvard Business School before working in advertising, and then found her dream combination of left brain/right brain thinking in the world of brand strategy.

Prior to founding Story & Verse, Amy established and led the New York office of The Glid, a London-based brand consultancy.

Story & Verse’s team of strategists are all hybrid thinkers who combine analytical rigor, creative intuition, and cultural connectedness to solve brand challenges. The team is complemented by a network of trusted creative partners who are engaged when projects call for it, allowing Story & Verse to stay lean and deliver great work efficiently.